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The Biz Said

the mac deal was mine

like ladies early in line

i am one of those


brian bizzle sez

i am one of those ladies

and i believe him


from behind it's clear

the dude looks like a lady

bizzle is the dude

Coin Toss

Flipped coins with checksums

but he could have just done it

simply vocally

( Explaination: In the closing session of OSCON Mark Jason Dominus explained a clever way to perform a virtual coin toss over the telephone. He pointed out that the coin didn't have to be random to be fair -- Each side merely needs assurance that the other side can't renege and neither side knows what the other will choose. The solution used md-5/sha-1 style checksums. Difficult to exchange over a telephone without the aid of a modem.

Anyway, if two people want to make a decision by coin flip over the phone, a fair and simple way is for the parties to flip a coin on each end, and agree that if they match, person A wins, and if they differ, then person B wins. They each announce head or tails on the count of three. It's like playing rock-paper-scissors with only two outcomes, and the coins aren't even needed. )


ah, sarbanes oxley:

should I hate the player or

should I hate the game?


the lawyers purport

to protect the investors

from Enron cases


but most people use

it as a tool for control.

Most people suck, huh?